It is a DARK BLUE-GREEN Microscopic ALGAE naturally growing for centuries in ALKALINE WATERS.

Seaweeds are classified as VEGETABLE.

"Spirulina won the Best Natural Food award"

West Germany International Food Exposition, 1983

"Spirulina is Food for the Future"
(U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1988)
"Spirulina is a Medicine Food"
(Russian Patent 19 RU 11200-5486,1994)

"Spirulina is the best Food for Tomorrow, The Answer to World Food Hunger & Malnutrition."

(U.N., WHO, 1974)

Spirulina has the most nutrient in comparison with all other green Super Foods, like Chlorella, Barley Green, & Wheat Grass."
Spirulina The cells form a shape of "LITTLE SPIRALS"
thus called "SPIRULINA"


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